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We are changing the way people use assessments. Less reliance on expert interpretation and more interaction between people to make meaning of the data. Working with us and our assessments is simply different…in a very good way. Learn more »

TMS Consulting

Our work in this area is not about making old concepts work better. We focus on new thinking and designs and we will challenge you as much as you challenge us. We consult through the lens of Complex Responsive Processes and can help you be more effective by applying this lens to your own OD initiatives. Learn more »

Team Management Systems Assessments

We help make the data from the TMS profiles add value. As well as consulting on customized designs using the TMS profiles we have design frameworks that focus on continual team performance improvement, interpersonal skill development, change, and team alignment. Learn more »

Accreditation & Network Member Support

We are distributors of the Team Management Systems suite of integrated, work based and researched assessments and profiles. We can accredit you to use these profiles in your organization and distribute the profiles internationally.
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The More or Less of 2016

The More or Less of 2016

Over Christmas we went to a few movies and while I liked all of them, two kind of jumped out from the screen and into this blog post; The Big Short and Room. You could say there is a lot about excess ... »

Why We’re Changing the Assessment Business

Why We’re Changing the Assessment Business

Another post in the ‘rant’ category….. not too many of these but sometimes you’re just angry and need to express it! It seems like it should be easy in the books, the speeches ... »

Using the TMP HUB Applications – My Team and Pacing in a One Day Offsite

Using the TMP HUB Applications – My Team and Pacing in a One Day Offsite

We will be writing a series of posts (and hopefully having some guest posters as well) about designs using the additional resources available in the TMP HUB.  This one focuses on using the My Team and... »

TMS Americas

Changing the Assessment Business – New Stories!

Last year we wrote a series of posts focused on changing the assessment business with the last one sharing some real examples of those changes.  You can see that post here.  This post takes one of tho... »