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We would like to invite you to join us on Twitter.  It is our belief that, once the economic dust has settled, our business will be fundamentally changed in regards to the use of technology and social media. So we are focusing on learning as much as we can about dynamic web-based technologies such as blogging, pod casting, socialcast, etc. plus the various social media offerings such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Initially, Twitter was quite frankly the least appealing. However it is turning out to be very promising with an opportunity to create a TMS Network community. Much easier than blogging – the 140 character limit turns out to be a great bonus.  Find out about how we’re using it, the benefits we’re experiencing and how you might get in on TMS Team Tweeting.

The business section of a national newspaper recently featured an article, Tweets from the top: It pays to be in on the talk.   The article makes the point, “… among the knocks against Twitter are that it’s superficial and inane. The latter can be true. The former isn’t necessarily…“.  (Globe and Mail, Friday, May 22, 2009)


Over the past few weeks, our experimentations with Twitter have been particularly interesting. We have already experienced significant benefits:


  • A great resource for leading edge thinking – Tom and Bonnie are currently working on a presentation for the OD Network Conference in Seattle in October, 2009 and have received multiple ideas and links around their topic, Complex Adaptive Processes, Challenging Systems Thinking. The ideas and links have come from around the world.
  • An opportunity for community building … we are following and being followed by professionals with an interest in organizational development, leadership development, etc. 
  • It’s too early to tell just yet but we think there may be the potential for a marketing benefit. Minimally, our tweets will reflect our brand and give us the opportunity to connect with clients and potential clients – hear about what they are thinking, reading, needing – so we can be appropriately responsive.


 We are currently spending 5 or 6 minutes at the beginning of each day on Twitter, endeavoring to contribute substantive ‘tweets’.   You will never hear about what we’re having for lunch, our in-laws’ vacation, or what we’re doing on the weekend. You will hear about our thinking around leadership, organizational development, etc.; perhaps about our marketing challenges and what we’re doing; likely about what we’re working on; and occasionally a quote that we find particularly inspiring.


We are in a major learning curve and hope you will join us in that curve. For those of you not using Twitter, simply go to to join. Once you have joined, there is a search function.   We will use the hashtag, #TMSAmericas in our ‘tweets’ for the next several days. If you search for that hashtag (and, by the way, that’s something we just learned about!)  you will find us and can choose to follow.


One of the executives quoted in the article indicated, “It’s interesting because there are layers of information and Twitter is opening up new ways of collaborating. The dialogue is very diverse, often deep, and helpful.”   We’re hoping to generate dialogue that will be of particular interest and benefit to our TMS Americas network members and we look forward to using this format as one of many ways to connect, and stay connected, with you.

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