What Costs More; the TMP or the MBTI?

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Sometimes don’t you just get sick and tired of answering a question?  I’m pretty much at that point with the above question.  It’s not so much that the question is a bad one, it just tends to originate from a comparison that isn’t accurate. That comparison typically being the cost of the MBTI Interpretive report to the Team Management Profile.  When you compare these two assessments in this way you are not comparing apples with apples and that’s important.

So to try to put some perspective on this question, below is a chart comparing what comes with the E-Team Management Profile and the approximate equivalent (if available) with the MBTI.

E-Team Management Profile

Approximate MBTI Equivalent

 Team Management ProfileApprox 25 page report with the following sub sections:

  •   Overview
  •   Leadership strengths
  •   Decision making
  •   Interpersonal skills
  •   Team building
  •   Areas for self assessment
  •   Related preference roles
  •   Linking (how others can best interact with you)
 Interpretive Report for Organizations10 page report with a focus on:

  •   Strengths
  •   Leadership style
  •   Preferred work environments
  •   Areas for self assessment

Decision Making Style Report

9 page report with a focus on:

  •   Decision making
 Personal Discovery WorkbookBasic profile information, background and ways to use your profile.  Included.  Introduction to Type in Organizations WorkbookBasic profile information, background and ways to use your profile.  Additional cost. 
 Preference Comparison to Worldwide MediansAbout 50 different comparisons available such as male, female, organizational level, function etc.  Included and accessed as desired by end user.   Preference Comparison to Worldwide MediansAvailable in the MBTI Manual.  Additional cost.  Not included and not easily accessible by end user.
 Underlying researched high performance team modelMaterial available to leverage this model as a stand alone concept.  Included.   Does not exist
 Online videos explaining the concepts and models of the profileAccessible to the end user as needed.  Included.   Not availableEquivalent information would be found in the Introduction to Type booklet.  Additional cost.
 On-line exercises to build understanding of the models of the profileAccessible to the end user or facilitator as needed.    Included.   Not availableNumerous exercises exist typically requiring facilitation and/or material.  Additional cost.
 Interactive ‘Pacing’ applicationMultiple use application to provide tips on how to better interact with others.  Uses end user preferences to generate tips.  Driven by the end user as needed.  Additional cost.  Activated by facilitator for end user as part of profile set up.   Work Styles Report14 page static report with steps provided for two people to develop a more effective working relationship.  Additional cost.
 Interactive Job Demand Preference Match applicationMultiple use application compares end user preferences to perspectives on their job requirements as it relates to the Types of Work Model.  Additional cost.  Activated by facilitator for end user as part of profile set up.   Do What You Are WorkbookAdditional cost
 Profile Questionnaire set up and administrationIncluded  Not available, orPossible additional cost 

Given that there are geographic pricing differences we haven’t included actual costs.   But even if you don’t add in the MBTI manual or one of the reports the cost of the equivalent MBTI material in our part of the world  would be about 15% more than the TMP.

So the question, ‘What costs more; the TMP or the MBTI?’ is not the right question to ask because you do not get comparable things for that assumed cost.  The better question is ‘What do I need to make this work effective?’  From there all the considerations that are important and real to the work can be applied to your decision.

Both these assessments are good.  They need to be compared appropriately to ensure they are used effectively.

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