The Sky Will Be Dark This Time

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I’ll be heading off next week for what has become a yearly camping trip with my eldest son to the wilderness on Algonquin Park in mid Ontario.  It seems I am drawn to write a post about this each year and this year seems to be no different….

When you are deep in the woods and perhaps the only people on a small lake only reachable by trail and canoe you look forward to an awesome view of night time stars.  For the past few years the display of stars has been muted by a big, fat moon, bright enough to create moon shadows.  While this has its own awesomeness sometimes you kind of wish the moon would take a break and disappear for a while so you could just look at the stars.

Well this year the moon will rise late and a new moon will be right in the middle of our trip.  The sky will be dark this time…

When you do get that amazing view of millions of stars it can make you wonder just what might be out there.  When the moon is out you don’t wonder quite as much.  It takes those sparkling little lights, unfettered by the big and bright to make you wonder what might be.

It seems in life and work we are very much fettered by the big and bright.  It seems to fill every corner and obscure those twinkling little stars, those musings and wonderings of what might be.

In the work I am in involved in I don’t think it’s so much different.  The big and the bright of assessments and how to use them and the big and the bright about how to do consulting I don’t think has really had too many musings and wonderings lately about what might be.  About what could be different, what could be possible, what could be better.

The big and the bright in my area of work are the workshops and events that are ‘perfectly’ designed, the assessment that requires an expert to tell you what it means, a core identity to be dutifully searched for, leadership that stands so wonderfully alone and individual, and gurus that have our next best solution inside the pages of their new book.

I wonder what the sky would look like in my area of work if there was such a thing as a new moon, where the big and bright disappeared for a while and millions of new possibilities were able to flicker and shine for a while.  I wonder what might be out there.

We’re looking for those little flickering lights of possibility that glow on even if they can’t be seen because of the big and bright all around them.  We are out there and our visibility is just a change in perspective away…..

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