TMS RESEARCH – PERSPECTIVES: Who Sees More Opportunities?

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For this post we’re looking at the TMS research from the QO2 Profile (Quotient of Opportunities and Obstacles). This profile looks at our orientation to risk and change in organizations and do we see these things more as opportunities or obstacles.

I really like this profile since the sub-scales can create some very rich conversation and considerations for moving forward in risk and change for individuals and teams.  The QO2 profile tends have a little more ‘psychological feel’ to it than does the Team Management Profile so working with the QO2 can sometimes be very valuable and quite challenging.

For this post we are going to look at the overall QO2 scores of four different organizational levels; senior manager, middle manager, front line manager and team member. The graphics below are extracted from the TMS research and we are focusing on the number in the middle of the graphic.

Without jumping into the deep end of the technical detail of the QO2, basically the higher the QO2 number (the number in the middle of the graphics above) the more things like risk and change are seen as opportunities. Another important point is that relatively small changes in the number can represent quite a different perspective. A 2.90 QO2 can see the work world quite differently than a 2.10 QO2!

A quick glance at these QO2 scores shows that at senior levels things are seen more as opportunities and then there is a steady decline in this perspective as we move down the organizational hierarchy.  And although we are not looking at the sub-scale numbers in this post, they are exhibiting a similar trend (note that the Fault Finding sub-scale has an inverse effect on the QO2 number).

So why might more senior roles see things more as opportunities in organizations and less senior roles see things not so much that way?

Your perspectives would be interesting to hear!

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