Who Gets Accredited?!? A look at our 2019 group.

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We are going write a series of blog posts looking at the group of people that were accredited to use the Team Management Profile (TMP) in 2019. Not at an individual level but looking through the lens of preference and doing some comparisons to other demographics in the TMP research. We accredited enough people in 2019 to look at the data in this way and pose what we hope are some interesting questions. In each case the initial post will look at some data and pose some questions and the second post will add in some of my perspectives (hopefully based on comments from others)!

A few things about the 2019 accreditation group. It was almost a 50/50 split between internal, organizational people and independent consultants. Most were senior level, experienced practitioners focusing on developing and improving the performance of teams and individuals.

Below is the Team Management Wheel, the Team Management Profile graphic that illustrates role preferences. The percentages in the graphics that follow correlate to these role preferences.

Team Management Wheel

The first look is a higher level look comparing the major role preferences of the group that was accredited compared to the global group. Below are two graphics comparing these data sets.

One of the things we often consider with the Team Management Wheel is the preference distribution in segments of the wheel. For this post we are going to look at ‘west’ wheel preferences and ‘east’ wheel preferences. West wheel preferences include Innovating, Advising and Maintaining and east wheel preferences include Developing, Organizing and Producing. A simple comparison of total preference percentages in these areas shows:

So a LOT more west wheel preferences in the group of people accredited in 2019 to use the Team Management Profile than we see in the global group of people who have completed the TMP! And considerably less east wheel preferences with the 2019 group as well.

What might this mean? Below is a chart of the key questions that are focused on when work is done in the various east and west wheel work functions.

The east wheel work functions tend to focus on closure and getting things done. The west wheel work functions tend to focus on keeping things open and what could/should be done. The east wheel is more focused on tactics, the west wheel on strategy.

So what do you think is going on here; why such a big difference in east and west wheel preference distribution between these two demographics? What might the implications be; for those who are accredited and for those they plan to use the TMP with? What might the implications be for Team Management Systems as a company?

I look forward to your thoughts and to continuing the discussion with the next post!

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