The Team Management Wheel and Virtual Work

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Early on in 2020 as the pandemic took hold we published a few documents focusing on the models of the Team Management Profile (TMP) and virtual work. Our small team here at TMS Americas has been virtual for about 18 years now and we thought if we captured some of our experiences through the lens of the TMP, people could use that to help make use of their TMP’s to navigate what for many was a new virtual world of work. In fact it was not just new for many, but new with virtually no planning, no choice and no experience!

This is the third post of 3 that will focus on this topic; this one looking at the Team Management Wheel and virtual work. The post will highlight some of the things in the document and you can find the link to the document at the end of the post.

In looking at the Team Management Wheel we are taking a little deeper look here and using the 16 fold model. Within every work function of the Types of Work Wheel there are two work preference combinations as illustrated by the two graphics below:

As we noted in the previous post the work functions in the northwest part of the model tend to be most constrained and the work functions in the southeast tend to be the most enabled by virtual work. As we look at the 16 fold model this then means that we need to consider work preferences in these areas and see if in virtual work, the same dynamic occurs.

We have seen that this is the case and it has been even further amplified throughout the pandemic! As we begin to consider what work will look like as we emerge from the pandemic, the influence of virtual work on preference as well as the various work functions can, and should be part of these considerations.

To read more on the 16 fold model and the effect of virtual click here.

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