Meet Our Core Team


Tom Gibbons

Managing Director, Sustainable Development

I began my working career making ice cream and I still love it! Putting good ingredients together to make something people enjoy experiencing. I’ve kind of kept doing just that! Different ingredients (new stuff to learn), different experiences (new ways to learn) and still loving it! I’ve been a manufacturing Manager, a Director of Organizational Development, an independent consultant, a business owner and partner. I’ve always had the best job in the world because I’ve made that a choice, not something I’m looking for. And that pretty much sums up the how, what and why of what I, and TMS Americas does. Bringing greater accountability to the choices we make. When we do that, things seem to move along better. Not necessarily easier, but better.


Carrie Bumgarner


I have been with TMS Americas the majority of my career and have witnessed the growth and development of people, assessments, workshops and organizations. The best parts of my job are meeting new people, talking to those who have never experienced Team Management Systems and working with a brilliant, supportive team. I am proud to say I have been with the same team for over 10 years. At home, I have three young children who challenge me every single day and force me to think in a multitude of different ways. My goal is to bring that same thinking to TMS Americas – new ways of doing business, fresh ideas, while maintaining and building relationships.


Craig Joliffe

Director of Profile Services

I am a guy who likes to make things work. In my career as a Stationary Engineer, I have learned to meet deadlines, analyze, evaluate, create something new from pieces of old and keep whole systems running, behind the scenes. I like to use these same skills in all parts of my life: repairing engines on locomotives, in both a local tourist railway, at a shortline railway; working on my boat; renovating my home. All of these skills come in to play in differing ways in my support of the TMS Americas network utilizing Profile Services. My technical background has been an incredible asset for me as Profile Services has evolved from the old paper and pencil questionnaire through to the current E-Profiles. I have been able to play a role in each step of development, both for TMS Americas and working with the global office Software Developers. My practical skills and work experience are the backbone of my style of support I like to provide to all TMS Americas network members.


Amy Circelli


Amy works with Synergy Tax and Business Solutions and we have contracted with Synergy to look after all things accounting! Amy loves to travel and has discovered the cruising life in the last few years! Amy grew up in Pickering, Ontario and moved to London, Ontario for University where she met her husband of 30 years.  She has two children, and her family is the most important thing in her life.