Becoming an accredited practitioner. In order to use the Team Management Systems (TMS) suite of assessments, you must first complete your accreditation. The assessments are listed below in order of popularity. Please note that the TMP is our most used assessment.

Method 1: Webinar Accreditation

Distance accreditation is available by attending two, three-hour long webinar sessions, in addition to one hour of self-directed learning. The webinar sessions are usually scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays. The self-directed component is completed on the Wednesday. Click here for a short video overview.

If you're unable to attend both webinar sessions, it's possible to complete an additional self-directed learning session in place of one of the webinars. Talk to us for details. 

Pricing: TMP Webinar Accreditation - $1,500.00

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Additional Accreditation Webinars (Half-Day Each) - Contact Us For Information
  • Opportunities and Obstacles Profile (QO2): $795
  • Window On Work Values Profile: $795
  • Linking Skills Profile: $795
  • Team Performance Profile: $795
  • Strategic Team Development Profile: $795

Method 2: In-Company Workshops

For companies wanting to accredit four or more people a live, in-company workshop is the way to go. The accreditation is one day and we add a half day to talk initiative design specifics and hear from other experienced practitioners. 

Please contact us for a quote or if you have any questions. 

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Method 3: Fully Self-Directed

Access the learning modules from our website and work through them in a self-directed format. At the end of the process and prior to your first profile use you will participate in a one on one coaching call. We suggest that this process be completed in no more than four weeks and you can complete it in a couple of days.

Pricing: TMP Self Directed Accreditation - $1,500.00

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Method 4: Public Workshops

We don't do a lot of these anymore in our oh so busy world! But when we do, it is a one-day workshop and it is pretty awesome!

Pricing: TMP Public Workshop Accreditation - $2,000.00

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Service and Support

Once accredited you will get totally amazing support. The effectiveness of your use of the TMS products is as important to us as it is to you. You can rely on us for support in making sure your materials get there when you want them, talking to us about interpreting and debriefing the profile data, putting you in touch with other Network Members or talking about the design of your initiative.

We think you’ll find working with the TMS assessments is good, but working with us is even better!