TMS Accreditation

Becoming An Accredited Practitioner

To use the Team Management Systems (TMS) suite of assessments you must first become accredited. There are three ways to do this:

  • Public TMS workshops
  • In-house, customized workshops
  • Our online and distance-learning accreditation service
Once accredited you join our worldwide group of Network Member professionals that use TMS assessments to improve organizational performance.

Please contact us for further information about in-house workshops or distance accreditation.

Accreditation Options & Pricing Calendar of Upcoming Workshops

“This session was exactly what I wanted it to be. People were engaged and I have to say that I’ve been through a variety of these sorts of exercises and this is the first one that yielded action items (and a tangible basis for comparison) to measure progress going forward.”
– Senior manager after a TMP debrief process with her team


There are eight assessments in the TMS suite. All focus on work and all are fully researched. The questionnaires are completed online and profile access for the Team Management Profile, QO2 and Window on Work Values is available within five minutes. We work closely with you to understand our system so it meets the needs of your specific application. Each of these profiles also comes with an on-line activity center with numerous supporting resources.

Our multi rater assessments are provided in PDF format after processing all completed questionnaires.

Profile Support and Services

Once accredited you will get totally amazing support. The effectiveness of your use of the TMS products is as important to us as it is to you. You can rely on us for support in making sure your materials get there when you want them, talking to us about interpreting and debriefing the profile data, putting you in touch with other Network Members or talking about the design of your initiative.

We think you’ll find working with the TMS assessments is good, but working with us is even better!

2019 Public Accreditation Dates – see event calendar