Assessments provide data. TMS assessments provide data about work, whether that is work preferences (TMP), how you approach risk and change at work (QO2), work values (WOWV) or performance (our multi rater assessments). Our assessments are fully researched within the work context and are used around the world to help improve performance. Our view is that the data from our assessments is secondary to the actual needs of work required to be done by the individual, team or organization. So just as our assessments are focused on the general context of work, the use of any of our assessments needs a specific context to be of most value.

As you look through the descriptions of our assessments, think about your work challenges and how the data from our assessments can assist in working through those challenges.

Then contact us. We can consult with you directly to address these challenges or accredit you to use our assessments to do the same.

New To Assessments?

We have written a series of blog posts dealing with assessments that may help you in understanding and deciding what assessment to use:

Team Management Profile

Build high-performance teams and individuals
• 60 question psychometric assessment
“The most practical preference profile I’ve ever worked with”
The Team Management Profile also comes with a built in, customizable Online Activity Center that provides end user and team support material and other resources that enhance the use of the profile and extend its use over time. Learn more about the Team Management Profile Online Activity Center.
Sample Profile Case Study

QO2 Profile

Understand approach to change and risk
• 50 question psychometric assessment
“We were deep into tough changes, this helped us navigate.”
Learn more about the QO2 Online Activity Center.
Sample Profile Case Study

Window on Work Values Profile

What are your deep drivers of work behavior?
• 64 question psychometric assessment
“This was culture change, we needed data to help us understand where we stood – this did it.”
Learn more about the Window on Work Value Online Activity Center.
Sample Profile Case Study

Additional Assessments

Organizational Values Profile

Does your organization really live its stated values?
• 32 question analysis assessment
“We were losing too many good people; leadership behavior had to change; this helped us do just that.”
Sample Profile Case Study

Strategic Team Development Profile

Get to the next level of team performance
• 48 question multi-rater assessment
“We just couldn’t find our next level of performance; the STDP got us there.”
Sample Profile Case Study

Linking Leader Profile

Know what skills you need to succeed
• 78 question multi-rater assessment
“This profile, quite simply, made me a significantly better leader.”
Sample Profile Case Study

Team Performance Profile

Align and focus your team for high performance
• 54 question multi-rater assessment
“In half a day using this profile we had the alignment and focus we needed; we were energized and ready.”
Sample Profile Case Study