TMS Research – Perspectives: Age and Analytic and Belief Preferences

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Over the next little while I will be writing some posts using the data which comes from the newest version of Team Management Systems research; RM5. A couple of things about these posts: I will be using data  directly from the TMS research material I will be adding my subjective perspective on why this data may be what it is I’ll … Read More

Which Work Functions are the Biggest Struggle – Part 2

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The last post identified 3 of the work functions from the Margerison McCann Types of Work Model that tend to be challenging for teams in organizations to play: Maintaining Advising Developing When we add work preferences into the picture from the Team Management Profile (TMP) there are additional perspectives that may be at play here.  The work preferences identified in the … Read More

Which Work Functions are the Biggest Struggle?

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The Types of Work Model has been around for over 30 years. Developed by Charles Margerison and Dick McCann as part of their research into high performing teams it the foundational model for the Team Management Profile. It lists 8 work functions and the skills of Linking that are critical to high performance. The original research found that balance and … Read More

Sustainability Resource Person – Who and What is This?

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Earlier this year TMS Americas introduced the role of Sustainability Resource into the mix of things we do and offer to help sustain the use of our assessment products. We now call this the Sustainability Resource Person. So what is this you may ask? It’s really quite simple and we think an important step in helping people understand sustainability of assessment … Read More

Sustainable Assessment Use – The End User

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The end user is the third variable of assessment use; the last two posts have looked at the product and the expert and how they may affect sustainable use. Interestingly, in the assessment business the end user tends to be the variable that gets the least amount of attention in terms of sustainable use, or use at all for that … Read More

Left Loop Stability and the Challenge of Behavior Change

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In the last post I talked about the left loop of our interaction model. It is this left loop, our patterns of interaction that become stable over time. Stable enough that these patterns do not often really need to be thought about. This is what makes behavior change difficult and the point was made – ‘Heck, it’s not even easy … Read More