Using the TMP HUB Applications – My Team and Pacing in a One Day Offsite

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We will be writing a series of posts (and hopefully having some guest posters as well) about designs using the additional resources available in the TMP HUB.  This one focuses on using the My Team and Pacing apps found in each person’s Online Activity Center in their TMP HUB. It was a group of 36 people and I had worked with … Read More

Changing the Assessment Business – New Stories!

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TMS Americas

Last year we wrote a series of posts focused on changing the assessment business with the last one sharing some real examples of those changes.  You can see that post here.  This post takes one of those stories and adds another chapter, 9 months later. We designed an internal accreditation with US Cellular modeling a process design (extended use of … Read More

Personality and Prediction – A Very, Very Slippery Slope

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If you look around the web sites of personality assessment companies you will see a number of suggestions or direct statements that indicate that use of their assessment enables the user to predict performance. At some level this claim of prediction simply enrages me because of the following: There is little if any concrete research about validity. It will almost … Read More

Stories of Changing the Assessment Business

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Team Management Systems

The key points of what we mean about changing the assessment business were outlined in this post some time ago, summarized as follows: Extend the use of assessment data by moving to more of a process design of debrief and ongoing profile usage. Creating more interaction between people to understand the assessment data. Encouraging higher levels of self management and … Read More

The Arrogance of Busyness

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In a couple of previous posts; The Language of Value and Busyness, Feeling and Value I have talked about the need we have for personal value and some of the problematic ways we often unconsciously go about finding that value, some of those ways involving our busyness. Today I’m more or less just pissed about people being so busy they treat … Read More

Self Management or Diagnosis – What is Your Approach?

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I remember the first time I had a battery of tests and assessments done when I was with an organization. I can’t quite remember why I was doing these things (which is another story!) but I do remember getting my results. Looking back now I consider myself very fortunate to have been working with the person I was working with. … Read More