Busyness, Feeling and Value

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I was recently talking to a person who works in Organization Development in a large multinational organization who was considering becoming accredited to use our products.  He was looking at our schedule of public workshops and indicated he likely would be able to attend the June 2011 session since he was booked up until May. I am a member of … Read More

The Language of Value

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All of us want to feel valued.  We have a need to understand that we have value to ourselves and to others as we move along in our very complex and uncertain lives.  In order to feel this value we tend to compare ourselves to some cultural standard of value that has emerged over time and that we personalize in … Read More

The Beauty of Speed

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Last week I was driving along listening to music when Tori Amos’ Beauty of Speed came on.  I love the beat and rhythm of that song and the title is intriguing.  For me that’s about enough to turn the volume up and disappear into the music for a while.   However this time for some reason the lyrics jumped out at me … Read More

The Messiness of Change in Organizations

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The pictures below are two of eight pictures hanging in the hallway of the TMS office in Australia.  Drawn by a TMS Network Member the eight pictures are representations of the eight role preferences found in the Team Management Wheel.  When you stand back and observe the pictures you can make your own connections regarding how each one might be seen … Read More