Coaching – The Rise of Immersion

Our last 2 posts have dealt with changes that we see as needed and inevitable as the world of coaching changes.  These two posts can be read here: The Socialization of Coaching and Coaching – The Decline of Analysis .  This post focuses on the real challenge and need for the coach to immerse themselves in the context and process of their specific coaching engagements.  To be active participants in... »

What would a 285 Year Old Tree Say to YOU?

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a group of people a couple of weeks ago in a quaint retreat area about an hour outside of Paris, France. This is an extended development initiative with a version of an action learning design and this was one of the initial sessions. The retreat itself is surrounded by wonderful trees and some of the more majestic ones have small labels on them indicati... »

Balancing the Psychological and the Social

This post was originally published in the TMS Learning Exchange – December 2012. We seem to live in quite a ‘psychological’ world. A world where everyone understands the words ‘ego’, ‘personality’, ‘psyche’, ‘identity’, ‘self’ and so many other words and phrases that, in some way or other, have a sense of individual crea... »

Back to School – What Will You Be Learning This Year?

For many of us there is a different energy in the air this time of year as ‘back to school’ activities begin to happen.  Perhaps it’s finding some cool new back to school clothes, wondering if your best friend will be in your class, and as we get older perhaps wondering what life will be like as we go to school away from home.  And there is always the trip to some store to get school supplies.  We... »

More Interaction, More Change

Most current perspectives on the future of organizations will begin with comments on the accelerating pace of change.  The consequential generation of ideas for dealing with these phenomena focuses on leadership, management, technology, character, relationship and just about any other topic of interest. I think it is very important to make sure we scratch hard at the surface of these ideas and try... »

Bark, Skin and Cedar – The Land as Teacher

In just a few days now I will head off with my son to the mid Ontario wilderness.  We will spend a week paddling, portaging, sweating, swimming, being amazed and being bitten by bugs. But right now I’m writing this blog post and beside me is the book, Bark, Skin and Cedar – Exploring the Canoe in Canadian Experience by James Raffan.  It’s good to have a browse through this book before you head off... »

The Complexity of Good Interactions

I had the opportunity and pleasure of spending last evening with a group of HR professionals in our city of London, Ontario.  I had been asked to come and talk a little about our approach to understanding organizations and what we call our infinity interaction process. Other things were happening at this get together.  There was celebration of the work done by this group and its volunteers, recogn... »