The More or Less of 2016

The More or Less of 2016

Over Christmas we went to a few movies and while I liked all of them, two kind of jumped out from the screen and into this blog post; The Big Short and Room. You could say there is a lot about excess and scarcity in both films; a lot about more and less and what that might mean to people. In The Big Short there is a lot about more (and more) money.  And more money is something that we have a socia... »

The Sky Will Be Dark This Time

The Sky Will Be Dark This Time

I’ll be heading off next week for what has become a yearly camping trip with my eldest son to the wilderness on Algonquin Park in mid Ontario.  It seems I am drawn to write a post about this each year and this year seems to be no different…. When you are deep in the woods and perhaps the only people on a small lake only reachable by trail and canoe you look forward to an awesome view o... »

A Caution in the Search for Character

A Caution in the Search for Character

This post was originally published in the TMS Learning Exchange.  It’s a bit longer than our normal posts…. In the aftermath of the 2008 semi collapse of investment capitalism and the ensuing and continuing global recession there is a growing trend calling on the need for ‘more character’ from those who we see as leaders in our organizations.  Business schools around the globe have picked up on th... »

The Scariest Halloween Costumes Your Boss Can Wear!

As Halloween approaches just imagine the scariest costume your boss could show up in if she or he came to your workspace asking for treats.  Perhaps they might be totally scary showing up with no costume at all but here are a few that we think instill shivers of terror into most of us who inhabit the land of the undead sometimes called organizations: The Budget Meeting Costume – Covered with rando... »

Passion – Choice or Destination?

There’s a lot of talk in the OD world about passion and doing what you have a passion for.  So just imagine what it might be like if everyone in the world took this sage advice and went looking to find the work they had this wonderful passion for.  You’re probably now wondering where your next meal is going to come from, you have no place to live in and you’re walking the streets naked.  Well, the... »

Uncertainty and Shrinking Conversations

In March 2012 we wrote the post Motivation in an Environment of Uncertainty .  We looked at the nature of organizational conversations during uncertain times and how those conversations could sustain the choices people make to be motivated.  Unfortunately quite often the opposite happens in organizations.  During uncertain times conversations begin to shrink, both in quantity and quality. We are d... »

Motivation in an Environment of Uncertainty

Imagine you are considering a new job.  One of the key performance objectives of the job is to motivate the staff that will be working for you.  You are told that there is no money in the budget for bonuses and in fact some salary reduction will likely take place.  There is a chance of downsizing and it is unclear if this situation will actually improve or not.  The people who will be working for ... »

More Interaction, More Change

Most current perspectives on the future of organizations will begin with comments on the accelerating pace of change.  The consequential generation of ideas for dealing with these phenomena focuses on leadership, management, technology, character, relationship and just about any other topic of interest. I think it is very important to make sure we scratch hard at the surface of these ideas and try... »

The Normalcy of Uniqueness

If you listen to pretty much any discussion on organizational challenges or read virtually any book on organizational change, leadership, management or whatever, somewhere it is bound to mention the ‘unprecedented’ pace of change, or the presence of challenges ‘never before encountered’ or some other term to describe how our specific time is unique in the experience of being in an organization. It... »

Conversations in a Climate of Fear

What are the types of conversations that are the most valuable in organizations when a thread of fear seems to be wrapping itself around us and makes us feel like we don’t want to talk to anyone? It feels like many of us are in this position right now, a climate of fear permeates so many organizational settings, either hiding in the corners or screaming from the rooftops.  And often it causes us t... »

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