Every Interaction Matters

Perhaps one of the most important things that the complexity sciences have taught us is that very small disturbances can, at times, create dramatic, significant and unforeseen changes.  Perhaps an even more significant lesson that unfortunately doesn’t get nearly as much air time is that it is not predictable which small disturbances might create what kind of changes.  The impact is not unimaginab... »

Busyness, Feeling and Value

I was recently talking to a person who works in Organization Development in a large multinational organization who was considering becoming accredited to use our products.  He was looking at our schedule of public workshops and indicated he likely would be able to attend the June 2011 session since he was booked up until May. I am a member of Michael Watkins LinkedIn group The First 90 Days –... »

The Tyranny of Certainty

Certainty is a brutal tyrant.  We strive with great effort to meet its demands and most often fail.  We have learned to live our lives under its oppression and because it is an idea rather than a thing we hardly even recognize its presence, let alone the havoc it creates. It is time to rebel. Most of what managers do in organizations is in the service of creating certainty.  Strategy for a certain... »

Kids, Parents, Organizations, Models and Understanding

My youngest son (well not all that young at 20) is an elite hockey player.  He plays junior ‘A’ hockey which is the highest level of amateur hockey you can play here in Canada.  Just this week he left for his last year of playing at this level as next year he will be too old.  He left home at 15 to pursue this sport that he loves to play and he’s not too sure when he’s finished this year if he wil... »

The Pressure to ‘Figure Everything Out’

The more I work with organizations the more I see people in pain, stress, angst and shame over not being able to ‘figure out’ what’s going on in their roles, their work relationships and their organizations.  Adding to this is the constant messaging that we should be able to figure everything out if we are smart and determined enough. We are supposed to be able to definitively understand the probl... »

The Hero With A Thousand Deaths

Earlier this September, Network Member Steve Boehlke http://www.sfbassociates.com/ was in Johannesburg, South Africa working with a group of young African entrepreneurs in conjunction with the African Leadership Academy http://www.africanleadershipacademy.org/site .  On one of the days there he tweeted that the group was testing the hero’s journey and linked us to an article by Candace Allen that ... »


Yes it’s an e-newsletter from TMS Americas! Here’s why. Did you know there are Network Members that coach Presidents and Vice Presidents of leading organizations around the world? Or that there are Network Members doing experiential leadership learning in kayaks, out in the wilderness or on mountains? That the Team Management Profile has been used on expeditions to the North and South Poles? Or th... »

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