Work Preference and Virtual Work

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Early on in 2020 as the pandemic took hold we published a few documents focusing on the models of the Team Management Profile (TMP) and virtual work. Our small team here at TMS Americas has been virtual for about 18 years now and we thought if we captured some of our experiences through the lens of the TMP, people could … Read More

Pandemic Ponderings 3 – Staying Relevant

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In our first post on Pandemic Ponderings we surfaced the question of relevance; “Is what we do relevant when it can stop so fast?” and “What can we do to stay relevant?” as we tentatively step into a recovery phase post pandemic. To answer these questions we needed to look closely at the experiences we have had during the pandemic … Read More

Pandemic Ponderings 2 – The Experience With Our Clients

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The first Pandemic Ponderings post focused on our experience so far. This post looks at our experience so far with our clients. Overall our experience with our clients has been really quite awesome; different than our pre pandemic experience. We have had deeper conversations, more direct conversations about how we can make things happen together, we have experienced uncertainty together … Read More

Virtual L& D – Flatten the Curve

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I imagine in whatever publication lists the most used sayings of 2020, ‘flatten the curve’ will be right up there! So hey, why not contribute to its popularity here! This post is not about flattening the covid-19 curve by doing more virtual learning and development however. While virtual L&D might certainly contribute to flattening the covid-19 curve, it certainly does … Read More

Who Gets Accredited?!? Part 2

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Our last post began what will be a series reviewing the group of people who we accredited in 2019 in the Team Management Profile. The post looked at some of the high level differences between the 2019 accredited group and the worldwide TMP data from a preference perspective. The graphic below illustrates some of those high level differences: This post … Read More

TMS Case Study: Let’s Talk Science

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A case study from Let’s Talk Science! The Team Management Profile (TMP) is ingrained in the way not-for-profit organization Let’s Talk Science manages its staff & its network of nearly 4,000 volunteers. A special thanks to Isabel Deslauriers, TMS Network Member since 2012, for sharing her TMP initiative. Read the full case study here