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VUCA – Process trumps Outputs

VUCA – Process trumps Outputs

This post is a little longer than our usual ones – we hope you will bear with us and take the time to read it in its entirety and perhaps make a comment. Two weeks ago I was talking to one of our Network Members and the topic of VUCA came up.  This acronym for environments that are Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous is getting considerable attention in the leadership development area... »

The Sky Will Be Dark This Time

The Sky Will Be Dark This Time

I’ll be heading off next week for what has become a yearly camping trip with my eldest son to the wilderness on Algonquin Park in mid Ontario.  It seems I am drawn to write a post about this each year and this year seems to be no different…. When you are deep in the woods and perhaps the only people on a small lake only reachable by trail and canoe you look forward to an awesome view o... »

A Caution in the Search for Character

A Caution in the Search for Character

This post was originally published in the TMS Learning Exchange.  It’s a bit longer than our normal posts…. In the aftermath of the 2008 semi collapse of investment capitalism and the ensuing and continuing global recession there is a growing trend calling on the need for ‘more character’ from those who we see as leaders in our organizations.  Business schools around the globe have picked up on th... »

Blame and Accountability

About 3 years ago I posted The Language of Value as a comment on the subtle use of language to create a perspective of personal value for ourselves by making someone else’s perspective seem wrong.  It is a subtle, often unconscious use of language to prop ourselves up while tearing others down. This post takes a look at a similar dynamic that seems to be growing at an alarming rate; the consequenc... »

Coaching – The Rise of Immersion

Our last 2 posts have dealt with changes that we see as needed and inevitable as the world of coaching changes.  These two posts can be read here: The Socialization of Coaching and Coaching – The Decline of Analysis .  This post focuses on the real challenge and need for the coach to immerse themselves in the context and process of their specific coaching engagements.  To be active participants in... »

What would a 285 Year Old Tree Say to YOU?

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a group of people a couple of weeks ago in a quaint retreat area about an hour outside of Paris, France. This is an extended development initiative with a version of an action learning design and this was one of the initial sessions. The retreat itself is surrounded by wonderful trees and some of the more majestic ones have small labels on them indicati... »

Habit or Innate – Does it Matter?

I just finished reading the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  During this time I’ve also been paying attention to discussions and exchanges on the topic of innateness.  And being in the work preference assessment business this topic often comes up. Our position on preference assessments has been made clear in a variety of posts; we lean toward the social construction of preference as mea... »

Balancing the Psychological and the Social

This post was originally published in the TMS Learning Exchange – December 2012. We seem to live in quite a ‘psychological’ world. A world where everyone understands the words ‘ego’, ‘personality’, ‘psyche’, ‘identity’, ‘self’ and so many other words and phrases that, in some way or other, have a sense of individual crea... »

The Burden of Expectations on Experience

‘Don’t burden my experience with your expectations!’ I don’t really know where this phrase came from but I like it!  Often uttered with a bit of a smile or an air of lightness, it is intended to bring to attention that someone is expecting you to be, or do something different.  You happen to be quite fine currently being or doing whatever you are, and you are gently reminding the person to just ba... »

The Scariest Halloween Costumes Your Boss Can Wear!

As Halloween approaches just imagine the scariest costume your boss could show up in if she or he came to your workspace asking for treats.  Perhaps they might be totally scary showing up with no costume at all but here are a few that we think instill shivers of terror into most of us who inhabit the land of the undead sometimes called organizations: The Budget Meeting Costume – Covered with rando... »