Every Interaction Matters

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Perhaps one of the most important things that the complexity sciences have taught us is that very small disturbances can, at times, create dramatic, significant and unforeseen changes.  Perhaps an even more significant lesson that unfortunately doesn’t get nearly as much air time is that it is not predictable which small disturbances might create what kind of changes.  The impact … Read More

The Complexity of Good Interactions

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I had the opportunity and pleasure of spending last evening with a group of HR professionals in our city of London, Ontario.  I had been asked to come and talk a little about our approach to understanding organizations and what we call our infinity interaction process. Other things were happening at this get together.  There was celebration of the work … Read More

HRPLD Meeting May 25, 2011

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Hello everyone!  I am going to be attending your meeting on May 25th and will be talking with you about a very different way of understanding our organizations and our experiences in them.  Back in 2009, my colleague, Bonnie Cooper and I presented at the Organization Development conference in Seattle on the topic: Complex Responsive Processes – Challenging Systems Thinking. … Read More

Endings and Beginnings – Being Present to Both

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Back in August of 2010 I wrote the post Kids, Parents, Organizations, Models and Understanding It had to do with a conversation with my son, using our model of organizations, as he left for his last year as a hockey player in an elite amateur league here in Canada. While the message was mostly about ways of understanding organizations, let’s fast … Read More

A Dark Side to Systems Thinking

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Over the past number of months I have been following (and in some cases contributing) to discussions on a number of LinkedIn groups that focus on systems thinking.  Many of these groups have hundreds or even thousands of members. Personally, after many years of working with systems thinking I no longer find the concept of ‘system’ to be of value … Read More

The Language of Value

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All of us want to feel valued.  We have a need to understand that we have value to ourselves and to others as we move along in our very complex and uncertain lives.  In order to feel this value we tend to compare ourselves to some cultural standard of value that has emerged over time and that we personalize in … Read More

The Tyranny of Certainty

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Certainty is a brutal tyrant.  We strive with great effort to meet its demands and most often fail.  We have learned to live our lives under its oppression and because it is an idea rather than a thing we hardly even recognize its presence, let alone the havoc it creates. It is time to rebel. Most of what managers do … Read More

The We in I

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Just this past week our small group got together for our annual face to face team meeting.  There are only 5 of us and we’ve been virtual for a number of years now.  Smaller face to face meetings happen throughout the year but this is the only time all of us are together each year.  We spent 3 days together … Read More