Problems With Complex Responsive Processes

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If you have read some of our blog entries you might have discovered that we do our organizational development consulting through the lens of complex responsive processes In addition, my last couple of posts looked at problems I have encountered with the Creative Tension model, eventually causing me to stop using it.  This post looks at some of the problems encountered when using the … Read More

Problems with the Creative Tension Model – A Recent Story

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The last post (Problems With the Creative Tension Model) dealt with some of the problems I have encountered using the creative tension model which eventually caused me to stop using it.  Last week I spent a day with a senior management team and a related problem reared its head.  This was a group of very smart, committed people.  Their organization was … Read More

Problems with the Creative Tension Model

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The creative tension model, often visually represented as outlined in the diagram to the right, is the dominant model of how organizations accomplish goals, set and execute strategy, change and generally operate as they move into the future.  It is so mainstream and dominant that the efficacy of the model is rarely questioned; it is simply the way things are … Read More

Sometimes ‘Because’ Is All There Is

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A couple of weeks ago I was out digging away at a small garden we were replanting beside our house.  The little guy from next door rides his bike up beside me to see what’s going on.  He’s 6 years old and talks like a high speed conveyor belt.  He got going on the why, why, why track; “Why are … Read More

Different Times, Different Conversations

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Have you noticed yourself being a little more overtly frustrated by the normal conversations you engage in, day to day in your organization?  Have you found yourself a little less tolerant than you used to be about sitting in meetings you wondered why were happening at all?  These are different times in our organizations and the currency of interaction, conversations, … Read More

What are we Becoming?

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A while ago on a visit to Alaska and the Yukon, my travelling companions and I were struck by the unusual responses to our typical and conventional, ‘conversation-starter’ question. “… and what do you do?”.  Instead of the usual responses such as   “I’m a cook.” ;   or “I work in an office.” ;   or  “I’m in management.” ;  we heard … Read More

Focusing on the Wrong Bottom Line

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The title of this e-newsletter comes from a set of self management skills developed by Dr. Ed Freedberg as part of his Self Management System 1.  This particular skill deals with how people tend to focus on problems rather than solutions to those problems and how this can be looked at by simply changing the way we construct certain parts … Read More

The Causality of Hope – Every Interaction Matters

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A quote was shared with me just a short while ago that was used when discussing how people describe themselves changing and experiencing their emerging identity.  The quote, from the American author Marilynne Robinson was “people describe themselves in small, continuous gestures towards others”. It is interesting how Robinson has captured what seems to lie behind that tentative, tenuous yet … Read More