Why Don’t Psychologists Use Personality Preference Assessments?

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I know a small handful of psychologists so the statement above may be a little extreme but this small handful and it seems their colleagues, rarely, if ever use a personality assessment such as the Team Management Profile (TMP), MBTI, DiSC, Hogan or whatever. It may be a different story with organizational psychologists but the group I’m talking about here … Read More

The Socialization of Coaching

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We are beginning a series of posts on coaching as we lead up to our first Accreditation for Coaches workshop this September. These posts will provide a little perspective on our position and thinking about coaching and how we use our assessments in this type of work. As you can tell from the title of this post one of our … Read More

What Costs More; the TMP or the MBTI?

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Sometimes don’t you just get sick and tired of answering a question?  I’m pretty much at that point with the above question.  It’s not so much that the question is a bad one, it just tends to originate from a comparison that isn’t accurate. That comparison typically being the cost of the MBTI Interpretive report to the Team Management Profile.  … Read More

Habit or Innate – Does it Matter?

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I just finished reading the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  During this time I’ve also been paying attention to discussions and exchanges on the topic of innateness.  And being in the work preference assessment business this topic often comes up. Our position on preference assessments has been made clear in a variety of posts; we lean toward … Read More

Preference Assessments – Face Validity

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In our continuing focus on preference assessments we’re taking a look at face validity.  Previous posts include Preference Assessments – What Are The Measuring and Preference Assessments – Test Retest Reliability Face validity is one form of preference assessment validity that is relatively subjective and therefore an easy target for those wanting to criticize these types of instruments.  From a research … Read More

Preference Assessments – Test Retest Reliability

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In follow up to our last post Preference Assessments – What Are They Measuring we’re going to take a quick look at one source of contention when you land on the side of seeing preference as primarily a nature phenomenon as compared to a nurture one.  That point of contention is test retest reliability. Test retest reliability for any assessment … Read More

Preference Assessments – What Are They Measuring?

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There often is quite heated debate about what preference assessments are actually measuring.  It tends to be a variation of the nature vs. nurture argument with passionate positions being taken on either side.  For us we don’t take so much a nature vs. nurture perspective as trying to balance a psychological and social constructionist perspective.  As an example, below is … Read More