Christmas Intentions

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First of all, we here at TMS Americas hope you have a wonderful time over Christmas. Each of us, in our own ways intends to have a wonderful time as well. It’s interesting what often gets thought about when we use the term intentions. In the model we use to illustrate the flow of interaction, intentions flow into the interaction, … Read More

A Place of Wondrous Certainty

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This week my colleague shared with the rest of our small team part of a transcript from a radio program she had heard over the weekend.  The program talked about grade school Christmas concerts which at this time of year are in full force.  Part of this transcript hit a chord: Childhood is another country. They do things differently there. … Read More

The Normalcy of Uniqueness

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If you listen to pretty much any discussion on organizational challenges or read virtually any book on organizational change, leadership, management or whatever, somewhere it is bound to mention the ‘unprecedented’ pace of change, or the presence of challenges ‘never before encountered’ or some other term to describe how our specific time is unique in the experience of being in … Read More

Preference Assessments – What Are They Measuring?

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There often is quite heated debate about what preference assessments are actually measuring.  It tends to be a variation of the nature vs. nurture argument with passionate positions being taken on either side.  For us we don’t take so much a nature vs. nurture perspective as trying to balance a psychological and social constructionist perspective.  As an example, below is … Read More