TMS Research – Perspectives: What’s Up With Motivation?!?

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This post in the series looking at the new TMS research released in October 2018 focuses on the Linking Skills Profile and specifically the Linking Skill, Motivation. There are 13 Linking Skills (listed below). The identification  of these Linking Skills came from the original work Margerison and McCann did related to the Types of Work Model. Linking is placed in … Read More

TMS Research – Perspectives: Age and Analytic and Belief Preference – Part 2

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In the last post we looked at the Analytical and Belief preferences through the lens of age and discovered that while in all age groups there was a definite slant toward the Analytic preference, the youngest and oldest age groups showed less of this slant.  I made the comment … The first thing that came to mind for me was that … Read More

TMS Research – Perspectives: Age and Analytic and Belief Preferences

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Over the next little while I will be writing some posts using the data which comes from the newest version of Team Management Systems research; RM5. A couple of things about these posts: I will be using data  directly from the TMS research material I will be adding my subjective perspective on why this data may be what it is I’ll … Read More

Personality and Prediction – A Very, Very Slippery Slope

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If you look around the web sites of personality assessment companies you will see a number of suggestions or direct statements that indicate that use of their assessment enables the user to predict performance. At some level this claim of prediction simply enrages me because of the following: There is little if any concrete research about validity. It will almost … Read More

Self Management or Diagnosis – What is Your Approach?

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I remember the first time I had a battery of tests and assessments done when I was with an organization. I can’t quite remember why I was doing these things (which is another story!) but I do remember getting my results. Looking back now I consider myself very fortunate to have been working with the person I was working with. … Read More