A Caution in the Search for Character

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This post was originally published in the TMS Learning Exchange.  It’s a bit longer than our normal posts…. In the aftermath of the 2008 semi collapse of investment capitalism and the ensuing and continuing global recession there is a growing trend calling on the need for ‘more character’ from those who we see as leaders in our organizations.  Business schools … Read More

Christmas Intentions

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First of all, we here at TMS Americas hope you have a wonderful time over Christmas. Each of us, in our own ways intends to have a wonderful time as well. It’s interesting what often gets thought about when we use the term intentions. In the model we use to illustrate the flow of interaction, intentions flow into the interaction, … Read More

Why Don’t Psychologists Use Personality Preference Assessments?

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I know a small handful of psychologists so the statement above may be a little extreme but this small handful and it seems their colleagues, rarely, if ever use a personality assessment such as the Team Management Profile (TMP), MBTI, DiSC, Hogan or whatever. It may be a different story with organizational psychologists but the group I’m talking about here … Read More

Coaching – The Rise of Immersion

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Our last 2 posts have dealt with changes that we see as needed and inevitable as the world of coaching changes.  These two posts can be read here: The Socialization of Coaching and Coaching – The Decline of Analysis .  This post focuses on the real challenge and need for the coach to immerse themselves in the context and process of … Read More

Coaching – The Decline of Analysis

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In our previous post we talked about The Socialization of Coaching and why we think this is necessary to bring some balance to the world of coaching.  This balance is about bringing more of a social approach to coaching while still holding on to the best of what the psychological approach brings. One of the foundations of the psychological approach … Read More

Habit or Innate – Does it Matter?

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I just finished reading the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  During this time I’ve also been paying attention to discussions and exchanges on the topic of innateness.  And being in the work preference assessment business this topic often comes up. Our position on preference assessments has been made clear in a variety of posts; we lean toward … Read More

Balancing the Psychological and the Social

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This post was originally published in the TMS Learning Exchange – December 2012. We seem to live in quite a ‘psychological’ world. A world where everyone understands the words ‘ego’, ‘personality’, ‘psyche’, ‘identity’, ‘self’ and so many other words and phrases that, in some way or other, have a sense of individual creation and then ownership attached to them. The … Read More

Preference Assessments – Face Validity

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In our continuing focus on preference assessments we’re taking a look at face validity.  Previous posts include Preference Assessments – What Are The Measuring and Preference Assessments – Test Retest Reliability Face validity is one form of preference assessment validity that is relatively subjective and therefore an easy target for those wanting to criticize these types of instruments.  From a research … Read More

A Place of Wondrous Certainty

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This week my colleague shared with the rest of our small team part of a transcript from a radio program she had heard over the weekend.  The program talked about grade school Christmas concerts which at this time of year are in full force.  Part of this transcript hit a chord: Childhood is another country. They do things differently there. … Read More