Stories from the Field

Using the TMP HUB Applications – My Team and Pacing in a One Day Offsite

Using the TMP HUB Applications – My Team and Pacing in a One Day Offsite

We will be writing a series of posts (and hopefully having some guest posters as well) about designs using the additional resources available in the TMP HUB.  This one focuses on using the My Team and Pacing apps found in each person’s Online Activity Center in their TMP HUB. It was a group of 36 people and I had worked with the senior management team who this group reported to a few months ... »

Team Management Systems

Stories of Changing the Assessment Business

The key points of what we mean about changing the assessment business were outlined in this post some time ago, summarized as follows: Extend the use of assessment data by moving to more of a process design of debrief and ongoing profile usage. Creating more interaction between people to understand the assessment data. Encouraging higher levels of self management and utilization of assessment data... »

Problems with the Creative Tension Model – A Recent Story

The last post (Problems With the Creative Tension Model) dealt with some of the problems I have encountered using the creative tension model which eventually caused me to stop using it.  Last week I spent a day with a senior management team and a related problem reared its head.  This was a group of very smart, committed people.  Their organization was doing well and they wanted to continually imp... »

Strategic Alignment in China – Jen Runkle

Situation This management group needed to align themselves around their moving forward business strategy and understand how they could work together best to effectively implement this strategy.  In the last year, the group had doubled in size, integrated a new leader, and met some of its financial goals after 5 years of financial struggles.  There was momentum behind all this change and recent fin... »