Which Work Functions are the Biggest Struggle – Part 2

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The last post identified 3 of the work functions from the Margerison McCann Types of Work Model that tend to be challenging for teams in organizations to play: Maintaining Advising Developing When we add work preferences into the picture from the Team Management Profile (TMP) there are additional perspectives that may be at play here.  The work preferences identified in the … Read More

Which Work Functions are the Biggest Struggle?

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The Types of Work Model has been around for over 30 years. Developed by Charles Margerison and Dick McCann as part of their research into high performing teams it the foundational model for the Team Management Profile. It lists 8 work functions and the skills of Linking that are critical to high performance. The original research found that balance and … Read More

Left Loop Stability and the Challenge of Behavior Change

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In the last post I talked about the left loop of our interaction model. It is this left loop, our patterns of interaction that become stable over time. Stable enough that these patterns do not often really need to be thought about. This is what makes behavior change difficult and the point was made – ‘Heck, it’s not even easy … Read More

Using the TMP HUB Applications – My Team and Pacing in a One Day Offsite

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We will be writing a series of posts (and hopefully having some guest posters as well) about designs using the additional resources available in the TMP HUB.  This one focuses on using the My Team and Pacing apps found in each person’s Online Activity Center in their TMP HUB. It was a group of 36 people and I had worked with … Read More

Stories of Changing the Assessment Business

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Team Management Systems

The key points of what we mean about changing the assessment business were outlined in this post some time ago, summarized as follows: Extend the use of assessment data by moving to more of a process design of debrief and ongoing profile usage. Creating more interaction between people to understand the assessment data. Encouraging higher levels of self management and … Read More

Changing the Assessment Business

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Our hope and intention when we say we want to change the assessment business is really about pulling together a number of things that already occur in terms of personal and team learning and making these things a consistent way to approach assessment use.  Our focus right now falls into the areas noted below: Extend the use of assessment data … Read More

Communication and Conflict Issues Between Work Groups

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Overview: The following ‘mini’ cases all pertain to an HR team in a large national professional services firm.  This particular group was responsible for organizational development and learning – assessing needs, designing and delivering programs/courses to meet the technical training and management/leadership development needs of the firm.  Housed together in a high rise office building, the team had several sub-groups … Read More