Who Gets Accredited?!? Part 2

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Our last post began what will be a series reviewing the group of people who we accredited in 2019 in the Team Management Profile. The post looked at some of the high level differences between the 2019 accredited group and the worldwide TMP data from a preference perspective. The graphic below illustrates some of those high level differences: This post … Read More

Changing the Assessment Business – From Event to Process

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This is the third post in our series on changing the assessment business.  The first post dealt with our intentions and the second was more specific to our new social web site.  This post looks a little more closely at what we think is a very important element of changing the assessment business; that being working with assessment/profile data more … Read More

Changing the Assessment Business

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Our hope and intention when we say we want to change the assessment business is really about pulling together a number of things that already occur in terms of personal and team learning and making these things a consistent way to approach assessment use.  Our focus right now falls into the areas noted below: Extend the use of assessment data … Read More

The Socialization of Coaching

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We are beginning a series of posts on coaching as we lead up to our first Accreditation for Coaches workshop this September. These posts will provide a little perspective on our position and thinking about coaching and how we use our assessments in this type of work. As you can tell from the title of this post one of our … Read More

What Costs More; the TMP or the MBTI?

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Sometimes don’t you just get sick and tired of answering a question?  I’m pretty much at that point with the above question.  It’s not so much that the question is a bad one, it just tends to originate from a comparison that isn’t accurate. That comparison typically being the cost of the MBTI Interpretive report to the Team Management Profile.  … Read More