Virtual L& D – Flatten the Curve

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I imagine in whatever publication lists the most used sayings of 2020, ‘flatten the curve’ will be right up there! So hey, why not contribute to its popularity here! This post is not about flattening the covid-19 curve by doing more virtual learning and development however. While virtual L&D might certainly contribute to flattening the covid-19 curve, it certainly does … Read More

Changing the Assessment Business

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Our hope and intention when we say we want to change the assessment business is really about pulling together a number of things that already occur in terms of personal and team learning and making these things a consistent way to approach assessment use.  Our focus right now falls into the areas noted below: Extend the use of assessment data … Read More

Virtual Teams and Local Interactions

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How we make sense of our experience on teams is a critical element of their success.  As we process our team experiences we may determine that the team is effective/non effective, well or poorly led, adding value or not, something we are happy to be a part of or would rather not be.  As well, making sense of things is … Read More