Resources to Help You & Your Team Sustain Learning & Development

Now that the Team Management Profile (TMP) has been debriefed and you are familiar with the TMP HUB, it is important to keep the learning and motivation going. TMS Americas has designed a webpage dedicated to helping you and your team sustain development and extend the use of the TMS material over time. Our goal is to provide simple designs you can weave into your busy schedules. Contact Carrie Bumgarner if you have questions.

There are numerous designs for Sustainability in Action and what sustainability might look like. Below is an example from a leadership and team development initiative and how they plan to sustain the use of the TMP HUB and models over a 6-month time frame.

Download the 6-Month Team Development Roadmap (Example)

Are You A Sustainability Resource Person For Your Team?

If so, WELCOME! Before you get started, click here to view the short 2-minute video for a quick introduction to your new role and how you can get started.

TMS Americas Sustainability Resource Person (Video)

Network Members Share Their Stories

Listen to some of our Network Members share their stories around Sustainability and the Sustainability Resource Person:

Paula Dillard, Ascent Partners, Providing Data for Continuous Discussion Over an Extended Period of Time (2 minutes)

Gloria Reyes, ExxonMobil, Establishing Sustainability of Learning and Development, Supported by the TMP, Company-wide (2 minutes)

Paula Dillard & Tom Gibbons, Speaking to the Value of Using the TMP Over Time, for you as the internal or external consultant but mostly for your Client (1½ minutes).

Which TMP HUB apps are best for your situation?

An overview of some of the more popular apps available in the Online Activity Center



An interactive tool to help improve communications with others.

Application Stories:

Tips for using PACING:

  • The person who you are completing the Pacing App on does not need to have an active TMP. Sometimes it makes more sense to complete the App based on your perception alone, rather than their work preferences.
[/three] [three_middle]


A project performance questionnaire measuring team performance satisfaction from an individual perspective.

Application Stories:

Tips for using MY TEAM:

  • This App should be completed with a specific project in mind.
  • Using this App effectively means people need to be closely involved with the project.
  • Have team members complete the App just before or during a meeting.
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A team performance assessment measuring individual satisfaction against the High Energy Teams Model.

Application Stories:

Tips for using TEAM SIGNALS:

  • Have team members complete the App just before or during a meeting

Additional Ideas For Sustaining Development

Team Working Wheel & Team Working Wheel Workbook – The Team Working Wheel is a tool that can be used in a variety of applications including: Team Development, Planning Projects, Project Monitoring, & Designing Work Patterns. The workbook contains more detailed instruction on each Type of Work & the Linking Skills needed to progress from one Type of Work function to the next.

4 Measures: Human Continuum Exercise – an excellent activity to introduce the four measures of work preference. It is particularly valuable if the group is working on improving interpersonal communication, team relationships and/or conflict issues. Sample questions to use with Human Continuum (PDF).

Other Support Videos: