TMS Consulting

We consult with organizations using the TMS materials in addition to the two e-books below.  We focus heavily on the interactions that people have and recognizing and acting on the patterns of interactions that emerge as people work together in various contexts. If you're interested in our consulting services, please contact us

TMS Americas E-Books



The Misfit Between Theory and Experience in Organizations

"As an excited and enthusiastic newly promoted production supervisor I arrived at my very first budget meeting. It was late in the year and snow was deep outside but inside the ice cream factory we were planning for the New Year. Not quite knowing what to expect at this meeting I only came armed with my experiences of running a piece of ice cream making machinery for the last couple of years..." Download Free E-Books >>

10 Good Reasons to Hate Teams

10 Good Reasons to Hate Work Teams

"We’ve all muttered foul words under our breath as we gnashed our teeth, shook our heads and shuffled along to another meeting with the ‘team from hell’. We are all sadly familiar with at least one profoundly ineffective gathering of souls which generally does nothing but suck up great portions of our valuable time while causing vast amounts of stress and frustration. Amazingly, a large number of work teams seem to be chugging along in just that manner."  Download Free E-Books >>